Septanazal unblocks the nose and heals.

When you have a stuffy or a runny nose, or when you are recovering from a nose procedure, you need something that acts fast but does not damage the nasal tissue. Septanazal® nasal spray with dexpanthenol has a double effect on nasal congestion. It not only effectively unblocks the nose, but also heals and protects damaged nasal tissue.

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Double effect


  • + Acts within 5 to 10 minutes
  • + Long-lasting easy breathing
  • + Contains no preservatives
Instructions for use

Septanazal has what other products lack.

Most nasal sprays act quickly, but leave the tissues in the nose dry and irritated, with an unpleasant burning sensation. Septanazal nasal spray not only unblocks the nose but also protects it and promotes healing of damaged nasal tissue. Apart from a decongestant, it also contains dexpanthenol, which helps with nasal symptoms and heals the damaged nasal tissue as well as keeping it hydrated.

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Do you have a blocked nose?
Septanazal can handle anything.

The nose is your respiratory system's first line of defence. When you have a cold, the nasal tissues get dried up, which leaves the nose's defences weakened. This greatly increases the risk of infection as a healthy nose may become congested in as little as 2-3 days, resulting in difficult breathing, loss of smell and restless sleep.

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