Back to College – Hallelujah! Three ways to make sure you leave pesky colds and flus behind

That little chill in the morning air can only mean one thing – it’s nearly time to go back to college!

Of course no sooner than you’re through your first week, and after a busy week of new term socialising often with very little sleep - colds and flus can really hit you hard. Here are some handy tips to help you stay healthy, happy and rested this Autumn.

Wash away the nasties

It might be an obvious one but it’s so SO important to wash your hands regularly. Also use an antibacterial hand gel too  – both will make a huge difference to your odds of picking up a cold this Autumn.

Keep them moving

When we exercise we increase our circulation and blood flow throughout our bodies, which means that when we make sure that we are getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day our immune system has a better chance of fighting colds and flus before they spread.  Yet another reason to join a club or society this term or skip the bus and start walking home in the evenings.

Rest well

When for a new term starts it’s a busy time, and between socialising and lectures it can be difficult for you to get a good nights sleep. Rest is key to making sure that your immune system stays intact and flu free. Talk to your pharmacist about stocking up on some over the counter products that can help you to sleep and work better.

Too late?

If you’ve got a cold already then there’s nothing for it other than to load up on some vitamin C  – it won’t prevent you from getting colds or flus in the future but it will certainly shorten the length of time that you feel miserable.

Having a good chat with your Pharmacist ahead of the new term is always a good idea too. Septanazal nasal spray is a great way to unblock your nose at night helping you to sleep, and work better.

Make Septnazal a part of your healthy routine especially getting enough sleep.

Back to College – Hallelujah!

Back to College – Hallelujah!

Back to College – Hallelujah!

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