Frequent questions

1How does Septanazal differ from other decongestants in the market?

Septanazal is a next generation decongestant with a double action formula. It differs from other decongestants in that it contains two active ingredients. Xylometazoline which quickly unblocks a stuffy nose and Dexpanthenol which offers additional protection and healing.

Dexpanthenol has a synergistic action because it facilitates nasal tissue healing, reduces inflammation and shortens the duration of nasal symptoms.

2Does Septanazal contain preservatives?

Septanazal is one of the rare nasal sprays that does not contain preservatives. The microbiological purity of the product, even after opening, is ensured by it’s patent protected bottle with a double protection on the inside. This design also gives the plastic bottle more volume, which ensures the user gets the exact amount of the medicine as stated on the packaging (10 ml).

3After using a decongestant I usually get a dry, burning and unpleasant sensation in my nose. Is there a solution for this?

This is normal when using products that contain only one active ingredient, such as a decongestant. Septanazal is different, because it contains the additional active ingredient, dexpanthenol which hydrates and soothes the irritated nasal tissue and facilitates the healing process, restoring that feel-good sensation in your nose.

4Is Septanazal spray appropriate for children?

The usual dose of Septanazal in children aged 6 years or over is one spray into each nostril up to 3 times a day. Regarding the duration of treatment in children a doctor should always be consulted. Septanazal is contraindicated in children under 6 years of age.

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