Blocked nose at night? Get them to sleep through the night with these handy home hacks

It might have started with runny eyes or a little bit of sneezing but one thing is for sure when a blocked nose arrives it’s the most likely cold symptom to keep kids awake at night.

Here are some tips to make sure the little rascals (and you!) get some sleep.

Give them all the fluids

Drinking fluids when we’re feeling miserable is absolutely crucial as when we are sick we need more fluid to fight off any sins of infection. Ideally try and get your little ones to drink something warm to give them quick relief from many cold symptoms. Alternatively add plenty of lemon and a sneaky bit of honey to their water bottle for a soothing drink throughout the evening and before bed.

Take a bath or shower before bed

As every parent knows any child who takes a bath or shower before bed is more likely to sleep well. Ensuring that they take one before bed when they have a cold is essential as the steam will help to open their sinuses. The steam will also help to drain the mucus from their nose, making breathing and sleeping a lot easier for them.

Raise their heads

Giving them an extra pillow is one of the best things you can do to help them to get to sleep with with a blocked nose. Keeping their head elevated eases congestion and makes it easier for little noses ( and big noses!) to breathe.

Use a nasal spray

Nasal sprays are a great way to free up little noses just in time for bed. Septanazal nasal spray can be used for children over six. The unique double effect spray not only clears the nose it also protects damaged nasal tissue, helping you to get them back to their best in no time at all.

blocked nose at night

blocked nose at night

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