These five ways will boost your mood when you feel a cold coming on

It’s the weekend and you had a million fun things lined up – but now you’ve got a heavy head, a sore throat and runny eyes and you just can’t seem to bring yourself to leave the house. Don’t let your body take your weekend away, you’ve still got two days to enjoy even if your energy levels are low. Here’s five ways to boost your mood.

Have a hot bath or shower

It might seem like an obvious one, but sometimes we just want to curl up in our Pjs when a cold comes our way . Lighting a candle and jumping into a nice hot relaxing bath, or shower can lift our mood instantly as our skins cells actually release endorphins when they make contact with hot water.  Hop in, you’ll feel tonnes better after a little scrub.

Do something you love

That’s what weekends and time off is for right? Don’t let your pesky cold get in the way. If you had planned to go shopping but don’t feel up to it you can still do a spot of online retail therapy with a cuppa in your hand. If getting out and about is what makes you tick then go for a gentle walk and let the fresh air clear your head. Just don’t forget to wrap up!

Change your bed linen

Ah fresh bed linen, is there anything like it? If you’ve got aches and pains you won’t feel like doing this but you’ll thank us later. Instantly comforting, you’ll sleep better and longer and don’t forget to add that extra pillow for better congestion and a better night’s sleep.

Eat clean food

OK, so clean might be a stretch too far if you’ve got a hungry brood to cook for who don’t exactly like quinoa, so maybe just aim for eating as much goodness as possible. Make yourself a soup with every vegetable you have in your fridge, juice a few oranges for vitamin c and focus on getting the green goods in. Your body might not know it yet but you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Be restful

Colds and flus take zap our energy and make us feel lethargic. Resting throughout the day will help your body to take stock and power on. If you’re just taking a little afternoon rest with a cuppa try to occupy yourself with something other than your phone or the TV so you are genuinely taking a real break. Call a friend for a chat or pick up a magazine and allow yourself to switch off, and you’ll be back to yourself before you know it.

If you’re not sleeping well at night look for a nasal spray that will aid your congestion and make you get a better nights sleep. Septanazal spray will unblock your nose and also heals and protects damaged nasal tissue, all important if you want a good night’s sleep in that fresh bed linen!

boost mood

boost mood

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